First and foremost, the story is completely fictional. Think about it for two seconds: the lady gets in everyone’s face on the airplane EXCEPT the guy who antagonizes her, to whom she writes a perfectly well-thought-out and easily-photographable note? Wouldn’t 7A be a window seat, and in that…

In light of my Twitter buffoonery today, I truly appreciate Dave’s sentiment on this “occurrence.” Also, let’s not forget the dude in question was a producer of the Bachelor…so not really a guy who would have a problem shoveling more forcefully/fictionally stirred shit into the world. 

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    And also this. Can we please lie to each other with sophistication and class?
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    At this point, I’m a little reluctant to sing the praises of Dave Holmes, not because he doesn’t deserve it - he does -...
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    So this was posted before Elan Gale admitted it was fake. And I applauded it. Now, a lot of people are saying… "lol it’s...
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    Dave tells it. See also this piece in The Guardian.
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    If you’re fortunate enough to have not encountered the whole “Diane in 7A” story, please ignore. But otherwise… this is...
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