The motherload of my final 2013 tour dates

Okay you goddamn animals, here come the fall/winter tour dates, sponsored by pizza and boobs:

9/24-28 Just For Laughs Toronto ON
9/29 Club Absinthe, Hamilton ON
10/1-5 Acme, Minneapolis MN
10/10-13 Hilarities, Cleveland OH
10/14-Columbus OH
10/31-11/3 FEST!, Gainesville FL
11/10 FunFunFun Fest, ATX
11/14-16 UP, Chicago IL
11/20 Shaskeen Pub, Manchester NH
11/21 Johnny D’s, Somerville MA
11/22-23, Comedy Connection, Providence RI
11/24 Governor’s Brokerage, Long Island NY
12/5-7 Helium, Buffalo NY
12/13 The Chapel, San Francisco CA

And if you want me to play your town, please let me know where. As much as “Come to Doltsville, USA!” is nice to hear, is there a local bar or scene I can get in touch with? That’s the stuff that helps the most. Or are you willing to put on a show somewhere? That’s cool too. Thanks for checking in and I hope to get to wherever y’all want me to be sooner than later. Cheers.

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    Detroit, Michigan I say! Royal Oak Music Theater, or The Fox Theater.
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    You should come perform in San Diego, at the America Comedy Co.!
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    I’ve got a stage and an audience in NYC and I’d love to have you on, Kinane. Thursdays at 8:30. Get at me.
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    Kinane’s gonna be at Fest again. So begins my annual debate about whether or not I should go up and try to get into his...
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    If a tour starts without a tour poster… did it really happen? Nobody knows…
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