JFL Chicago: Dancing Around The Shit Fire with Kyle Kinane

So I’ve got a show coming up at the Just For Laughs Festival in Chicago June 13, 14, and 15. Rather than do the same old thing, I figured “Hey—It’s fucking Chicago—why not try and get some old rock and roll ding dongs involved and make it a whole party?” I’ve never produced a show with comics and musicians and have no idea what I’m doing, but why should that stop anyone? I always wanted the dirty band guys to realize standup is the same party without the instruments and for the comics to drop their guard for a bit and enjoy some songs, so here it goes. I’m gonna tell some jokes, talk with the comics a little, talk with the bands a little, and see if we can land it all with the wings still attached. 

I named the show “Dancing Around the Shit Fire” because if everything goes to hell, at least that should cover part of my ass. You saw the title and you still bought a ticket—it’s kind of an unwritten agreement. But the best music shows I saw in my teens were a bit chaotic and unorganized, as are some of the best comedy shows now. 

Thursday, June 13: Mike Burns (DadBoner) and Sean Patton (squeezable), musical guest GUB (ex Screeching Weasel, Even In Blackouts)

Friday, June 14: Bryan Cook (Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction) and Cameron Esposito (super the best), musical guest Brendan Kelly (Lawrence Arms, Slapstick, The Wandering Birds)

Saturday, June 15: Ben Roy (Those Who Can’t) and Adam Burke (he’s Irish), musical guest Little Dave Merriman (The Arrivals, Treasure Fleet)

All shows are at Stage 773, 830pm

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    Nice, we’ll be there in support of Kyle and Beex!
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    Kyle Kinane is at heart a crusty old ’90s punker, and this will be hella enjoyable.
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