Today on The Worst, we interviewed megawatt comedian Kyle Kinane.

Do different parts of the country have different senses of humor?

Somewhat. It’s ironic that playing in some of the more conservative areas like Texas or Arizona can be more fun because they’re not hung up on political correctness. They came to a comedy show to laugh, and check their issues at the door. They’ll laugh at themselves even if it’s some liberal putz from LA because they know why they came to a comedy club. I’ve been surprised after shows in Phoenix and Dallas, because instead of getting defensive about their differing views, they just laugh because they know it’s okay to do that in a comedy club. Sometimes you get in front of a “liberal” audience and they have so many mental hurdles set up before they can laugh at something.

How freeing is bombing? Do you have to fail big to win big, so to speak?

It’s freeing because it reminds me that I’m never done with comedy. There’s no sense of figuring it out. Bombing is the tap on the shoulder that says “See? This is still a part of it.”

You never perfect comedy, which is what makes it the perfect lifestyle. There’s no end point. You just keep studying.

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Ol’ Ned done interviewed me.

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