There is not one stand up comedian who came through the Chicago scene in the last 20 years who would not site Dwayne Kennedy as an influence and inspiration. Any time I felt I was getting good at stand up I’d see Dwayne and think, “I don’t know shit.”  He’s pacing timing and pauses are amazing. Dwayne is a fucking maser. Even dudes like Jeff Garlin praise Dwayne’s brilliance. Enjoy.

Dwayne Kennedy and Monte came up to me after my first open mic (The Red Lion on Lincoln Ave, run by permanent curmudgeon and friend Mark Geary) and told me I did a good job and that I should come back the next week. They didn’t know me, and had nothing to gain from encouraging me. If it wasn’t for the kind words from those two guys, I may’ve never returned to that open mic and never continued on down the road that’s taken me this far.

Basically what I’m saying is if you don’t like my act, blame those guys.  

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    This is my fourth time coming back to this video. I’ll probably watch it another 100 times over my lifetime because it...
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    Dwayne was the best comedian working in Chicago when I started. It seemed like he was the only established comic who...
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