There’s a guy in my neighborhood who dresses like Jesus Christ. He walks around Fountain, in Hollywood, just doin’ his thing - petting dogs and saying “hi” to everyone. Jesus My Neighbor, and most of the people in L.A., are pretty great. I’m super lucky to know a lot of smart, kind, weird and…

I can’t say that I identify myself as a feminist. I mean, I don’t think I’m an asshole, but I wouldn’t be flippant enough to categorize myself as a feminist just because “Hey, I don’t hate chicks and it sounds cool.” I can say though, as a comedian, this “Women of LA” song is bottom rung horse shit. If I was a woman, I’m sure I’d be pissed at it from a feminist perspective. As a comedian, I’m disappointed in a public that gives this turd over half a million Youtube views in a day when there are brilliant comics out there that nobody even knows about. But there’s a lowest common denominator for everything. Foodies don’t know why billions of people eat at McDonalds. Composers can’t understand why Kesha is even a thing. But that’s the world. There are lots of people, and most of them like crap. It’s the sad truth. I know you like Fellini, but a Bruckheimer explosion orgy is going to be number one at the box office.

For the record, I like Big Macs.. And I listen to some real bullshit. And I have a hard time turning off a Fast and the Furious movie. So it’s all perspective. We all like some sort of crap in some sort of way.  

And what the fuck do I know. I make dick jokes but I use multisyllabic words when I do it. Fancy ribbon on stupid presents. Same as this hack-assed forced nerdery. A slick video for a beaten-to-death “LA women are stuck up” regurgitation. Go for it. As comedians, are any of you jealous of his fan base? Would you want someone who thinks this is funny to also understand your sense of humor? Then don’t worry about it. Do your thing. Find your audience. It may not be as big as this guy here who sings “Wrong Hole” or “I Want Asians,” but I for one am absolutely fine with that. I’ll take ten people that get me over a thousand who think accidentally putting it in her ass is comedy gold. 

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    Erin is dead-on here. Humor can come from an uncomfortable, even painful, place, but when nasty charges are leveled at a...
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    “First of all, rape. Secondly, shaming a person for not drinking enough?! Incredible. Remember earlier when that girl...
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