Got a little defensive about LA. Pretty normal.


Goddamnit I love Los Angeles and whoever wrote this. Thank you. The Vice article got me a bit bristled as well, which I’m sure was their intention all along.  

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    Not totally true. I was born there and have lived there at various times of my life. I can tell you for certain that I...
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    “[S]top warping your perception through the lens of Hollywood. That’s like moving to NYC and complaining about how awful...
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    I love living in Los Angeles. I moved here 7 years ago from a town in Iowa with a population of 800. Yeah, you read that...
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    I feel about Los Angeles the way people feel about their mothers - I’ll talk shit about it allllllll day, but fucking NO...
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    good read
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    “we feed off of [broken dreams], we are stronger than you, we chew hearts and ejaculate souls”
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  13. kstang said: I like Scientology, dude.
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    ”And if you’re still worried about crime stop driving your BMW to buy coke in Highland Park, white people.”