Why I hate comedians


It’s funny, so there must be some truth to it?

No, if it’s funny, that means it’s funny. Moreover, the comedian probably oversimplified the situation or stretched the truth to make it appear funnier and the butt of the joke to appear stupider.

I know that there is a perception that the comedians are criticizing the bloated institutions, really they’re zealots for the status quo, have too many opinions and lie and twist about their opponents.

A comedian exaggerating the truth for humorous effect? Well holy shit. I’m astonished and appalled that someone would stretch the truth (which would still mean it includes some truth, no?) for the sake of making it funnier.

Not sure why I started following this blog. It would pop up here and there with some good ideas painted in a thick coat of pretension. But now it does truly seem like you’re an lonely intellectual drag that can’t even accept that a grain of truth in humor is just that—a small amount used to inspire an entertaining anecdote. If you’re upset that comedians aren’t anarchists, you’re right—we aren’t. I don’t know any that claim to be. But we are people with opinions (right again), possibly shared ones, that others may find entertaining. Hence the title of “comedian.” We work in comedy clubs—not churches, not government offices. If we weren’t trying to make people laugh first and foremost, then you can call us politicians and preachers, because that’s exactly how we’d be acting. I think you mean to criticize the unthinking ones who mistake a comedian to be a truth teller. Your anger is misguided. You want to hate the gullible. You want to hate those who don’t overanalyze the ever-loving shit out of things with a magnifying glass like you do with your blog. But you can hate them. It’s your right. They can hate you for boiling everything down to bone-dry facts from atop your joyless pedestal. That’s their right. I can try to make them laugh and forget that maybe things are shitty a lot of time. I’m going to tell jokes.

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    He also testified before Congress because he was one of a tiny handful of people to take the UFW up on their Take Our...
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    Stephen Colbert testifying before Congress on...illegal farm worker?
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    THIS is why I love Kyle Kinane and why he made me want to be a comedian. Witty, smart and a beard that puts the most...
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    Yeah, right. Just how maybe I should’ve said “chefs who engage in political cooking though, and not all chefs,” when I...
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    It’s amazing how quickly even the ostensibly anti-authoritarian comedians, such as George Carlin, could complete a...
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    Kyle Kinane responds (emphasis mine):
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    There are many things to dislike about comedians as people, but their craft is the one thing that isn’t included in that...
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