I don’t really have a good Robin Williams story. It’s really not even a story at all. I take that back, it IS a story, just not one necessarily about Robin Williams. It’s about where I was in my life at the time I’d run into him. In 2006 I flew to Los Angeles to visit a dear friend and stay in…

Goddamnit Kenny and your perfect writing. I don’t wanna have wet eyes anymore but to hell with it

The “I bet you want to tell me how your barbecue is better here” tour

Ahoy. I set sail again for shows in a very small region of the United States. This particular tour will end at the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia, where I will tape my new comedy special “I Liked His Old Stuff Better.”

Friday, 8/8 The High Watt, Nashville TN (always a treat, train interruption, or not)
Saturday 8/9 The Pilot Light, Knoxville TN (2 shows. yee haw!)
Sunday 8/10 The Grey Eagle, Asheville NC (remember that big drunk shithead who as at the show last time I was there? Yeah? Well don’t let him in this time. He sucks.)
Monday 8/11 Comedy Zone, Charlotte NC
Tuesday 8/12 Kings Barcade, Raleigh NC
Wednesday 8/13 Dead Crow, Wilmington NC
Thursday 8/14 The Wormhole, Savannah GA
Satuday 8/16 The 40 Watt, Athens GA (two shows—recording)